Reliability of biomedical devices and technologies

Due to the complexity of different pulp tissue infections, new anti-infective nanotechnological approaches have been emerging for endodontics in recent years. These strategies may contribute to antimicrobial molecules de- livery, tissue regeneration, and oral health maintenance by acting in a more specific site and not being cytotoxic. In this context, nanofibers and nanoparticles appear as versatile structures and might act both in the release of antimicrobial molecules and as a scaffold for new tissue formation. This way, this presentation will review the ap- plication of different nanostructures as new strategies for the delivery of antimicrobial molecules for endodontics. Furthermore, it will be discussed the main polymers used to construct nanostructures for endodontics, methods of production and mainly their antimicrobial activity against microorganisms commonly responsible for the usual pulp infections.

Author(s): Mauricio Goncalves da Costa Sousa

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