Recovery of Waste and its Recycling

we must fight to have a good world and put in place by governments of the world where proposes to the United Nations in the end contributed to the improvement of the living conditions of the population through several components in particular the construction of sanitation structures and the rehabilitation of those that exist, these structures will only be able to function normally and be sustainable if they are well maintained and devoid of the waste that causes them to be instructed. these therefore with a view to ensuring the sustainability of these sanitation works, these why we are going to concentrate on teaching the peoples of the world through sanitation, recycling and recovery of waste and refuse, this study is for the general purpose of contributing to the improvement of waste management through the establishment of a pilot center for the recovery of this waste. it analyzes the technical feasibility of the installation for the recovery of the waste collected. After doing a lot of studies and analysis it was found that 90% of the waste is recyclable. Solid waste generation has been a pressing concern to environmental and health issues of the present time. It accumulates at a rate that exceeds the natural environment absorption capacity and the treatment available both at the national and local level. The ever increasing varieties and quantities of solid wastes generated for year’s remains a problem. our trash cans there is gold these all kinds of waste this money but many people do not know this there, for example you see plastic waste thrown by everything in the world but this waste can build a house, any, market, school, church, roads .... etc., in plastic waste we can make bricks, sheet metal, pavement, tiles, WC, pebbles, tar, etc.

Author(s): Prince Kitumaini kamundala

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