Rational Design of Cannabinoid-Containing Complex Mixtures (CCCMTM) for Disease- Targeted Therapies

To discover novel, disease-specific therapies, GBS utilizes
rational design principles in creating Cannabinoid-Containing
Complex Mixtures (CCCMTM) targeting the
endocannabinoid system. GBS incorporates data from
high throughput experiments using disease-specific cell
and animal models that are combined with computer
models of cannabinoid-sensitive receptor interactions in
a predictive network pharmacology-based algorithm. The
bioavailability of GBS’ Cannabinoid-Containing Complex
Mixtures (CCCMTM) is enhanced using patent-protected,
oral delivery systems including: a. oral dissolving
tablets, b. time-released nanoparticles for oral administration,
c. oral thin films, and d. gel capsules. Using an
animal model of the disease, Proof of Concept has been
established for GBS’ Parkinson’s disease therapy and
the Mechanism of Action is being further explored. At
the NRC Canada, GBS’ Parkinson’s Disease CCCM™
achieved the statistically-significant reduction of Parkinson’s-
like symptoms in an animal model of the disease.
Additionally, GBS’ neuropathic pain formulations look
promising in animal studies. These important preclinical
results will be included in GBS’ Investigational New
Drug (IND) applications with US FDA in order to enter
human clinical trial as soon as possible.

Author(s): Andrea L. Small-Howard

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