Rapid Destructive Osteoarthritis

Rapidly destructive osteoarthritis was first described in the European literature in 1957. Subsequently, it has been given many different names like rapid destructive coxarthrosis, rapidly destructive arthrosis of the hip, Postel's osteoarthrosis, and destructive osteoarthritis. It is a rare syndrome of the unknown etiology and appears to be different from osteonecrosis as it tends to involve both the acetabulum and the femoral head. The rapid bone loss in the patients with RDO can be mimic septic
arthritis, neuropathic osteoarthropathy or inflammatory arthritis. However the histologic changes seen in hips of patients with the RDO are consistent with the osteoarthritis. Clinically, the intra-articular fluid and also the debris related with the femoral and acetabular bone loss can match or resemble the septic arthritis or septic inflammatory disease.

Author(s): Fathi Omar

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