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Quality Of Life

Barretstown Castle is a holiday camp for seriously ill (CANCER)   children in County Kildare around 30 miles from Dublin. It is a multilingual camp that accepts children from all over Europe. Barretstown opened in 1994 and since then has gradually expanded so that it now caters for up to 1500 children per annum. The facility can provide for over 100 children with serious illnesses and over 100 staff and volunteers at one time. Each session may last from a week to ten days.  Some figures are-

 The age range is from  7  to 17 years old,  median age: 12.

Countries:  Ireland, UK, Russia, Poland, Romania, Hungary,  Spain, Germany,  Greece, Italy, Sweden, Denmark, Finland,  Cyprus,  Belarus, Ukraine.

The main diagnosis are Bone tumours, Brain and Spinal tumours, Hematological diseases, Immunologic diseases, Leukemia, Lymphoma, Renal diseases.

Activities: archery, high ropes, horses, canoeing, fishing, dancing, art and crafts, cooking, theatre.

Author(s): Eugenia Trigoso

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