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Quality evaluation of Phyllanthus amarus (Schumach) leaves extract for its hypolipidemic activity

Atherosclerosis, referred to as a “silent killer” is one of the leading causes of death in the developed countries and is on the rise in developing countries like India. Therefore therapists consider the treatment of hyperlipidemia to be one of the major approaches towards decelerating the atherogenic process. Allopathic hypolipidemic drugs are available at large in the market but the side effects and contra- indications of these drugs have marred their popularity. Recently herbal hypolipidemics have gained importance to fill the lacunae created by the allopathic drugs. The present study has been carried out to evaluate the antihyperlipidemic effect of plant Phyllanthus amarus Schumach against cholesterol diet induced hyperlipidemia in Wister rats. Hydro-alcoholic extract of leaves of Phyllanthus amarus Schumach (HAEPAS) was studied for its in-vivo anti-hyperlipidemic potential using cholesterol diet induced hyperlipidemia model in rats. The result of study indicated that HAEPAS possess significant hypolipidemic activity at doses 300 and 500 mg/kg. 

Author(s): RP Umbar 

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