Prothrombin Time Activated Partial Thromboplastin Time and Platelets Count among Hypertensive Patients Attending a Tertiary Health Institution in Yenagoa, Nigeria

This study investigated the hemostatic status of some hypertensive patients. Blood samples were collected from 15 males and 17 females known hypertensive patients between 42-63 years attending the general out -patient clinic of the Federal Medical Centre Yenagoa. Another 21 non-normotensive subjects between 18-40 years served as the controls. All the subjects gave their consent. Prothrombin time activated partial thromboplastin time and platelets counts were determined following standard protocols. Results for hypertensive patients and control subjects were 15.49 seconds and 11.79 seconds, respectively for males and 15.32 seconds and 11.88 seconds, respectively for females (prothrombin time); 35.47 seconds and 28.57 seconds, respectively, for males and 34.18 seconds and 29.05 seconds respectively, for females (activated partial thromboplastin time); 191.07 × 109 /L and 268.67 × 109 /L respectively, for males and 189.47 × 109 /L and 274.81 × 109 /L respectively, for females (platelets count). There were significant variations (P<0.001) between the hypertensive and control subjects for each of the parameters. The variation suggests possible hemostatic system dysfunction with regard to coagulation and thrombosis. Hence there is need for early diagnosis to avoid hemostatic complications and to aid effective management of the patients.

Author(s): Benjamin Onyema Eledo, Sylvester Chibueze Izah, Okezie Caleb Okamgba

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