Primary Foods are the things that keep our lives in balance, spirituality, recreationally and physically as well as professionally and romantically.

A supportive relationship, an inspiring career, an enjoyable night out with friends, a trip to a place you've always wanted to visit, these are all examples of primary foods that feed our souls and give us a hunger for living. When those life aspects are out of whack, we often compensate by feeding our "hunger" with actual foods. Specifically, have you ever indulged in a pint of ice cream after a bad breakup? Or a box of cookies after a rough day at work? Well, you're not alone. In times like these, most people turn to high-fat, high-sugar, and unhealthy foods. Unfortunately though, those secondary foods lead to the start of unhealthy habits and worst of all, weight gain. The only way to avoid this vicious cycle is by exuding positive energy. The less positive energy in your life, the more of an urge you will have to indulge in secondary foods. The more you let secondary foods fill you, the less you will be able to receive the primary food. Reason being, your secondary foods choices fill that void that the primary foods don't. 

Nowadays, nutrition is considered an afterthought in many people's lives. However, in order to receive the good benefits of secondary food, you must fix your primary food. The truth of the matter is, you can try to live a healthy lifestyle, but you won't succeed until you find that positive energy. You MUST satisfy your hunger for love, fun, romance, intimacy, success, spiritually, happiness, etc. It's important to take it slow to understand the process. Once you do, you will realize the benefits and encourage yourself to find that fulfillment that soothes your mind, body and soul.

Author(s): Francisca Ferreira

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