Preliminary Adaptation of the Russian version of the Temperament Evaluation Memphis Pisa, Paris and San Diego Autoquestionnaire (TEMPS-A)

The Temperament evaluation Memphis Pisa, Paris and San Diego Autoquestionnaire (TEMPS-A) was developed by H.S. Akiskal and coauthors for the analysis of affective temperaments. In recent years, TEMPS-A has been translated in many countries worldwide, successfully tested and introduced into clinical practice. For our study, we used the original basic 50-point clinical version of TEMPS-A. In this paper, we present the preliminary adaptation of TEMPS-A for the Russian-language sample. The conditional “norm group” consists of 113 volunteers (45 men and 68 women) aged 18 to 78 years. The normality of the distribution of sample data was verified. Results allow us to consider the distribution to be normal. There are statistically significant correlations between the scales of the questionnaire and the age of the respondents. The older the participant in the study of the conditional “norm group”, the lower the indicators on the scales “Hyperthymic temperament” k = -0.246 (p = 0.003) and “Cyclothymic temperament” k = -0.269 (p = 0.001). And the older the respondent, the higher the points on the scale “Dysthymic temperament” k = 0.294 (p = 0.000). On the “Irritable Temperament” scale, no correlation with age was found. The obtained correlation coefficients are generally not high, however, in the future, with an increase in the sample, it is planned to monitor the age factor. No statistically significant differences between groups by gender at this stage of the study were found.

Author(s): E A Nikitenko, M N Dmitriev and S N Enikolopov

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