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Pregnancy and COVID -19

The COVID-19 virus also affects pregnant women. While the vast majority of infected patients have few symptoms, about 10% of them may have a pneumonia that is important to diagnose and treat. Initial data from the literature suggest management similar to that of the general population. There is a greater risk of premature delivery requiring the administration of corticosteroids for fetal lung maturation in the event of imminent delivery. The route of delivery should be guided by obstetric history even though a large proportion of caesarean sections are included in the published series. Loco-regional anaesthesia is allowed. To date, only a few cases of mother-fetal transmission have been described, rather related to per or postpartum transmission. The rate of perinatal morbidity and mortality is very low. Only one maternal death has been described. Breastfeeding is allowed with protective measures (hand disinfection, mask for the delivery). In conclusion, all the current studies suggest that pregnant women infected with COVID-19 and their newborn babies have a good prognosis of evolution, but it will be necessary to wait for large multicentric and well-documented series to confirm these data

Author(s): Kamal El Moussaoui, Aziz Baidada, Aicha Kharbach

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