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Paediatrics health care & Nutrition

Good pediatric nutrition is important to your child’s health today and for the future. In fact, what you feed your infant can conceivably affect his or her health in adulthood. From the beginning of life, a newborn is set on a trek that will arrive at one of two destinations: a healthy or unhealthy lifestyle. Parents who make good nutritional choices for their kids throughout childhood assist in keeping childhood obesity at bay as well as other diseases that can develop in adulthood like hypertension, diabetes, and heart disease. Children’s Health Care utilizes a comprehensive approach to pediatric care that embraces the role that nutrition plays in your child’s life. We’re here to help new moms as they learn to nurse their babies, but we also provide nutritional consultations to parents of toddlers, preteens, and adolescents.

Author(s): Esraa mohamed abd el abkey

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