Optimizing the Risk of Building Environments Using Multi-Creteria Decision Making

ŽnƐÆ?rƵcÆ?Žn industry is known as one of the most dangerous industries in the Ä®Ä?ůÄ? of air Æ?ŽůůƵÆ?Žn which causes damage to environment and endangers human health. Therefore, in order to reduce and control risks by cŽnƐÆ?rƵcÆ?Žn industry, planning is done. The method which is used to discuss the risks is MCDM. Some criterion is used to risks, in this study, the insights and ƐƵŐŐÄ?ƐÆ?ŽnƐ are used which are risk comprehension, risk Ä?vÄ?ůƵÄ?Æ?ŽnÍ? safety risk and safety performance. Weight of four main scales was performed by Super Decision ƐŽÅ?wÄ?rÄ?Í? Paired comparison of main scales is performed in terms of 9 hourly qƵÄ?nÆ?Æ?Ä?Æ?vÄ?ůy scale and is same as AHP process. According to the research, the more weight was Æ?Ä?rÆ?nÄ?nÆ? to risk comprehension and the less weight is pertaining to safety insight. The results show that in order to control risks, risk comprehension has high priority in building environments.

Author(s): Reza Jalilzadeh Yengejeh, Eghbal Sekhavati

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