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Optimizing Health Information and Technology to Support a High Reliability Organization

Implementing and maintaining a high reliability organization (HRO) is like putting a puzzle together.    You must have all the pieces  (technology, human resources, just culture, leadership, budget);, you must know what the completed picture looks like so the pieces can be put together correctly  (defining performance metrics for success, incuding structural, process and outcomes);  you must know when pieces are missing or no longer fit (letting go of the “old” – optimzing technology to do the work more effectively and efficient, not just using the technolog too), and you must have the time to complete it with a sense of urgency but not expect you can do it in one budget cycle (not stop – start – stop) or you will lose critical pieces.  In an HRO patient safety and system redesign are not separate.  Implementation is  systemwide, so scalability and looking across units and specialties is required. Scope is from access to care to outcomes of care and  impacts the patients and employees.

The optimization of heath information and health information technology  is the connector that make the HRO concept a potential reality.


Speaker Biography:

Patricia MacTaggart has a Master’s Degree in Business Administration and a Master’s Degree in Management/Administration, as well as a  CCHIM Clinician/Practitioner Consultant Health Information Technology Professional (HIT Pro) Certification and a HI-FIVE Health Informatics For Innovation, Value & Enrichment (Clinical Perspective).She has been providing executive leadership to state federal government policy makers (Office of the National Coordinator and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Center for Innovation)  and delivery systems (Veterans Administration)  for over 10 years.  She is the Program Director the graduate healthinfor[email protected] and teaching/instructor.   She has created multiple documents for government use and published in  reputed journals


Author(s): Patricia MacTaggart                                                                                                                                             

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