Novel Pathogen Dna Analysis software accurately predicted covid-19 symptoms before the pandemic and enables Alternative medicine practitioners to prevent the disease using Herbal remedies

GENEIDO, a novel pathogen DNA analysis software accurately predicted COVID-19 symptoms as early as in February 2020. Its accuracy was proven to be above 90% in November 2020. GENEIDO suggested that there were THREE types of SARS-CoV2 viruses existed from the beginning. They could invade the lungs, lower brain/CNS functions, affect kidney, liver and the heart. Their symptoms vary, for example, only some cause fever, some cause pus or sputum accumulation in the lungs, some cause diarrhea, and none of them has all the symptoms. These variations would lead to confusions in the medical world and the drug/vaccine industries. GENEIDO was developed based on our knowledge in DNA, embryology and Chinese Medicine. It tells us the health impacts a pathogen may create in human body. GENEIDO is easy to understand and operate by all medical providers. It provides analysis results in real-time, which means seconds after the pathogen genome sequences are available. Most importantly, it enables both Conventional and Alternative Medicine Practitioners to treat and prevent infectious diseases using their remedies. In the conference, I will show you the analysis results of all three types of SARS-CoV2 viruses, including the latest Delta variant, together with other pathogens such as Plasmodium falciparum 3D7, chromosome 1 (Malaria) and Clostridium tetani E88 (Tetanus). I will also share my experiences and acupuncture formula in treating H1N1.

Author(s): Mai Wang

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