Non-recyclable, multi-layered plastic waste, as an alternative energy source for cement factories

The objective of the paper is to highlight that nearly 60-80% of dry waste collected is low commercial value, non-recyclable multi-layered plastics (MLPs), which either gets dumped or burnt in open spaces, as it has no commercial value. Only 1/4th of dry waste collected is recyclable through existing recycling facilities. So, by using MLPs, as a partial replacement for coal (process called Co-processing) during cement production, non-recyclable waste is handled in an efficient manner and also the consumption of coal is reduced significantly. Co-processing has been recommended in Solid Waste Management 2016 rules, by the Government of India.

Practical reusing ventures (SRI) is chipping away at the activity of changing over waste in to assets. This program is based on the achievement of e-squander reusing frameworks with different non-industrial nations for over 10 years. The program is supported by the Swiss State. Secretariat of Economic Affairs (SECO) and is together executed by the Institute for Materials Science and Technology (Empa), the World Resources Forum (WRF) and ecoinvent.

Author(s): Naveen Yalagalawadi Somashekaraiah

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