Non-invasive Blood Glucose Level Monitoring System for Diabetic Patients using Near-Infrared Spectroscopy

This paper describes a non-invasive method for monitoring blood glucose levels of diabetic and non-diabetic peoples. A non-invasive method for glucose monitoring provides adequate control and greatly reduces the complications in diabetic patients; and consequently reduces the health care costs. Non-invasive method is advantageous as the possibilities of infections get reduced and even there is no pain of pricking the blood. The proposed method uses near infrared sensor for determination of blood glucose. Near-Infrared light is sent through the fingertip before and after blocking the blood flow. By analyzing the voltage variation received after transmission through fingertip, approximate glucose level is predicted. The obtained glucose level is further transmitted to the smart android app for further analysis and storage of the data.

Author(s): Chandrakant Dattrao Bobade and Mahadev S. Patil

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