Non-Fatal Injuries Associated with Riding Roller Coaster

The deaths related to riding roller coaster are insignificant, but there are multiple reports about nonfatal injuries like neurological, cardiovascular, urological, ophthalmological and connective tissue injuries. The most common lesions reported in the literature associated with riding roller coaster are cardiac and brain damage. We conducted a literature review from 1995 to 2017 using the keywords roller coaster and neurological/vascular injuries. We found 21 articles related to neurological injuries and 13 for vascular injuries it was important for the selection that articles clearly describe neurological o vascular clinical cases and the association with riding a roller coaster. Finally, we work only with 9 articles for neurological and 6 for vascular injuries. Some of the cases presented in this review were correlated to pre-existing trauma or aneurysms. With this review is clear that the risk of injury by riding a roller coaster is low, but emergency physicians should know that amusement park rides could be related to inexplicable symptoms associated with extreme conditions in the roller coaster rides.

Author(s): Cuan-Baltazar Yu Nam, Ávila-Sánchez Pablo and Soto-Vega Elena

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