New Paradigm of Mental Wellness discovery

Positive Wellness Recovery Centre is a Mental Health Nurse led centre that works with clients through the wheel of life, managing their Mental
Wellness, relationships, nutritional health, using a range of therapies including medication, natural and complementary therapies. Positive
Wellness Recovery Centre provides a comprehensives and intergated services that allows for the client to receive hoslitic
care during an episode.
Conference delegates will hear about the range of uniquely selected, comprehensive wellness services encompassing three pillars:
• Prevention & Early Intervention
• Mental Wellness
• Recovery
The presentation will explore the how a patient who is referred by her general practitioner receives a client centered assessment by an accredited
mental health professional and a treatment plan is developed with the client. With the client’s agreement she is referred within the service for other
wellness treatment modalities such as seeing the nutritionist for her dietary needs, followed by a meeting with the hypnotherapist thorugh the healing
with hyponsis program to assist her with quitting smoking. She receives review the visiting psychiatrist who visits the centre on regular bases, and she
joined the drumming and dancing therapy group run by the centre to increase her social interaction and to develop new relationships. As part of the
recovery approach, she attended the Evidence Based Wellness Recovery Action Plan training (WRAP) to assist her personal wellness and development.
The client linked her employer to the centre through the Positive Academy Program and the employer offers mental health first aid training to its staff.
The Wellness Centre has also embraced the new Australia’s National Disability Insurance Scheme program (the NDIS) to provide comprehensive
and integrated psychosocial services for mental health clients. The program aims to assist the clients to reimagine their lives and to improve the
quality of their life’s so that they can reintegrate into society after episode of illness.

Author(s): Francis Roger Nii Lanteye Acquah

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