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Neurophysiological and Images Studies in a Case of Foreign Accent Syndrome Secondary to the Multiple Sclerosis

 Foreign Accent Syndrome (FAS) is rare speech disorder  that affects about 80 persons in all the world, it´s a rare  speech disorder characterized by segmental (abnormality  in time of pronunciation of vocal and consonant) and  prosodical deficits (abnormality in rhythm and intonation  of words and phrases) without abnormal grammatical  abnormalities, the patient´s speech resembles a nonnative  accent. The most of cases present like an acquired  abnormality of the speech due to a damage of the central  nervous system. It could be secondary to neurologic or  psychogenic disturbances. We present a case of FAS. It  was a 65 years old woman with diagnosis of Multiple  Sclerosis.

Author(s): Barbara Aymee Hernandez

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