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Nanogels as Next Generation Drug Delivery Systems

Nanogels are that innovative drug delivery system which plays an integral part in pointing out many issues related to an old and modern course of treatment such as nonspecific effects and poor stability. Nanogels can may be defined as highly cross-linked nano-sized hydrogels ranges from 20-200 nm. These can also be administered through various routes, including oral, pulmonary, nasal, parenteral, intra-ocular etc. These have high degree of drug loading capacity and it also shows better permeation capabilities due to a smaller size. These also release the drug by pH responsive, thermosensitive, volume transition, photochemical internalization and Photoisomerization mechanism. Actually, the term “nanogels” defined as nanosized particles formed by physically or chemically cross-linked polymer networks that is swell in a good solvent. With emerging field of polymer sciences, it has now become an inevitable to prepare smart nano-systems which can prove effective for treatment as well as clinical trials progress. The brief review aims at the providing comprehensive illustrations on novel applications, drug loading technique, mechanism of the drug release from nanogels. Further, current status, clinical trial status, and future perspective of the nanogels have been summarized.

Author(s): K Sri Sruthi

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