Multicentric Study: Prevalence of Hepatitis B and C at Risk Population

Viral hepatitis is extremely a serious public health problem affecting many billions of people globally. Limited information is available on this issue in the world. Hepatitis B and C virus infection are the major global health problems. All over the world, it has been estimated that about 257 million people are chronically infected with the HBV i.e. hepatitis B virus and 71 million of individuals are the hepatitis C virus HCV chronic carriers. The major modes of viral hepatitis transmission includes either the mucous membrane contact or the percutaneous exposure to the infected blood or to other body fluid i.e. the unsterile medical injections, needle stick injuries, blood transfusions, tattooing and body piercing, dental care, injecting drug use, and sexual intercourse). In more recent years, as increased the screening of blood products and the use of the sterile equipment for medical injection has been reduced the transmission via these routes, injection drug use has become proportionately more vital and important as a vector for the viral hepatitis transmission.

Author(s): Zayna Hassan

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