Modern Farming Methods and Cultures Using IOT: A Review

Agriculture is considered as one of the major sources in maintaining a nation’s GDP. Farming in India is done using the mundane ways. The main reason behind this is the lack proper knowledge and awareness among the farmers. A large portion of farming and agricultural activities are based on the predictions, which at times fail. Farmers have to bear huge losses and at times they end up committing suicide. Since we know the benefits of proper soil moisture and its quality, air quality and irrigation, in the growth of crops, such parameters cannot be ignored.

Therefore, this new idea of crop monitoring and smart farming using IoT will act as a benchmark in the agribusiness due to its reliability and remote monitoring capabilities. We analyzed the various standard IoT techniques used in Agriculture sector based on hardware and software, and thereby, deriving the existing challenges for making farming much smarter and efficient.

Author(s): Navdeep Kaur

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