Metabolic Acidosis and its Connection with Other Diseases

After long observation and analysis, a connection between metabolic acidosis and migraine have been found in a female patient. She is suffering from headache from childhood. As, headache is not the primary cause it was difficult to treat. Several medicines worked when patient takes the medicine regularly. Headache is back when the drug is stopped. As the root cause was not found and not treated, there are several other problems started happening like muscle pain, weak muscle, numbness etc. Long-term metabolic acidosis has effect on the Gastroesophageal and Gastrointestinal motility. For the patient, it was observed that “Metabolic Acidosis” is the indicator. Acidosis takes place first.

There can be many reasons for metabolic acidosis, but with consistent disbalance of pH level in body it damages many areas of body. And there can be several diseases added to the list. Most importantly it interrupts the connection between CNS (Central nervous system) and ENS (Enteric nervous system). Due to this disconnection the signals coming from brain cannot reach the GI tract. Very few of the signals from (instruction to contract and relaxation of the GI tract) can reach. The fact is “Less signals, less motility” and the outcome is lazy gut. There can exist false signals, wrong interpretations of the signals.

Author(s): Sagarika Datta

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