Medical Image Encryption and Compression Using Masking Algorithm Technique

Various images are low quality and difficultly to detect and extract information. Therefore, the image has to get under a process called image enhancement which contains an aggregation of techniques that look for improving the visual aspect of an image. Medical images are one of the fundamental images, because they are used in more sensitive field which is a medical field. The raw data obtained straight from devices of medical acquisition may afford a comparatively poor image quality representation and may destroy by several types of noises. Image Encryption and decryption is process to provide a security to images, the consequence of this method to transfer the image information with security from one place to another. In this paper entitle “Medical Image Encryption and Compression Using Masking Algorithm Technique” will make a cipher image in the format of this method the image is available in unrecognized format. In this paper used masking encryption algorithm technique makes the medical images in the form of cipher image format.

Author(s): G. Thippanna, T. Bhaskara Reddy, C. Sasikala, P. Anusha Reddy

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