Maternal and child health situation in Nepal

Maternal and child health is one the important topics in public health to be discussed. As mothers are known to be the center of creation and however the child future depends upon the state a mother is. Be it physical or social health. Until the mother isn't health, the child health cannot be expected to be in right health state and the vicious cycle continues. Infant’s nutritional health totally depends upon the mother. The lactating phase is known to be a crucial state in child’s development and also determines the future health of the child. Due to negligence and lack of knowledge many women fail to practice proper breastfeeding which however, leads malnourished child. Though there are organization working to tackle them down, its pretty hard to get results. Conclusion and recommendation: Improving health facilities, mother’s nutrition, women’s position in the society such as freedom of movement, providing education to female children, integrating Traditional Birth Attendants into local health services can play a vital role in the improvement of mothers’ health.


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