Machine Learning 2019: Cassandra-A novel versatile fully scalable Predictive Maintenance solution: Ludovic A. Krundel - IngDan Labs • Cogobuy Group, Comtech Tower, Hong Kong

Machines with moving parts induce vibrations. Various readings such as wavelength, frequency, phase, amplitude, and more, measure these vibrations. Analysis of these readings can not only identify but also facilitate the prediction of faults. Advanced calculations such as Fast Fourier Transform and application of pre-trained deep networks lead to projection estimates.

Cassandra provides accurate Predictive Maintenance for all types of machinery with moving parts and more such as train rails. Our solution is as revolutionary as replacing the horse by the car: using Cassandra in a factory can avoid considerable costs in the break down related expenses. It also helps optimize planned management of plants' engines, automotive vehicles, metro, water filtration, and the rest of a wide range of various industry segments. Cassandra's account starts by depicting her youth, when she was Priam's favorite girl and cherished to sit with him as he examined legislative issues and things of state. Her relationship with Hecuba, in any case, was never as insinuate, since Hecuba recognized Cassandra's autonomy. At times their intuitive are tense or indeed cold, strikingly when Hecuba does not sympathize with Cassandra's fear of the god Apollo's blessing of prescience or her hesitance to acknowledge his adore. When she eventually denies him, he curses her so that no one will accept what she prophesies. When Cassandra is displayed among the city's virgins for despoiling, she is chosen by Aeneas, who makes adore to her as it were afterward. In any case, she falls in cherish with him, and is given to him in spite of her contacts with others, counting Panthous — without a doubt, she envisions Aeneas at whatever point she is with anybody else.When Menelaus visits Troy to offer a give up, he censures audacity of Cassandra's brother Paris, who has as of late returned to Troy and been recovered as Priam and Hecuba's child, in spite of the fact that as a child he was deserted. His words incite Paris, who demands that he will travel to Sparta, and on the off chance that Hesione isn't returned to him, he will take Helen. The pressure increments when Cassandra encounters a sort of fit and collapses, having anticipated the drop of Troy. By the time she recuperates, Paris has cruised to Sparta and returned, bringing Helen, who wears a veil. Cassandra before long starts to suspect—but does not need to believe—that Helen isn't in Troy, after all. No one is allowed to see her, and Cassandra has seen Paris' previous darling Oenone clearing out his room. Be that as it may, she is incapable to acknowledge that Troy—that her father—would proceed to get ready for a war on the off chance that its preface were untrue.In spite of the fact that Priam's political thought processes apparently drive Troy to war, the royal residence protect Eumelos is the genuine drive behind the struggle. He controls Priam and the open until they accept the war is fundamental and disregard that the stakes are nothing but Helen. In the long run he captures Cassandra, when she debilitates to weaken his strict control in Troy. Anchises clarifies that Eumelos, by persuading the Trojans that the Greeks were foes and actuating them to battle, made his possess military state essential and was in this way able to rise to power. One of Eumelos' watches, Andron, gets to be Polyxena's partner, but when Achilles requests her in trade for Hector's body, Andron does not object—rather, he offers her to Achilles without regret. Afterward Eumelos plans to draw Achilles into a trap by positioning Polyxena within the sanctuary, and for Polyxena's purpose, Cassandra denies to comply with his conspire, debilitating to uncover it. He expeditiously captures her and detains her within the heroes' memorial park. Cassandra is described from the viewpoint of Cassandra, seeress and girl of Lord Priam of Troy. Not as it were is this representation of Cassandra particular from those in classical works since of her one of a kind account voice, but moreover this adaptation of the story of the Trojan War, through its inconsistency or inversion of numerous of the legends that are customarily related with the War. Cassandra's portrayal, which is displayed as an inside monolog in stream-of-consciousness fashion, starts in Mycenae, whereas Cassandra knows—she will before long be killed by Agamemnon's spouse Clytemnestra. As she plans to confront her passing, she is overpowered by feelings, and both to divert herself from and to form sense of them, she involves her contemplations with reflections on the past. All through the novel Cassandra spends a great bargain of time in contemplation, looking at and indeed critiquing her identity, her point of view, and her thought processes as she was developing up in Troy.Cassandra's involvement amid the Trojan War parallels Christa Wolf's individual encounter as a citizen of East Germany: amid the Cold War, a police state much like Eumelos' Troy. Wolf, as well, was recognizable with censorship; in reality, Cassandra was censored when it was at first distributed. The novel, other than criticizing suppression, emphasizes issues of marginalization as well. Cassandra is of course a marginalized figure since of her part as seeress, but Wolf centers more on her part as a lady. It isn't until Cassandra lives in a community with other ladies, actually at the edge of the city, that she recognizes with a bunch and incorporates herself in it by the pronoun "we." Cassandra is certainly curiously as a reinterpretation of history and writing by an something else or maybe darken character. In any case, the novel is genuinely compelling since Cassandra's person character and her person voice are typical of all female characters and their voices that have been underrepresented

For Cassandra in particular, our IoT vibration sensors technology utilizes our big-data AI analytics and massive cloud computing.

In our representative user case scenario, a motor subsequently entrains three levels of degraded bearings. One bearing is healthy, one is mildly worn, and one is at the end of its lifecycle. Our solution has permanent cloud access to the complete database of historically measured bearings health statuses. With our unique combination of machine learning, deep learning and other techniques such as fuzzy classification, our solution is currently able to detect and classify bearing faults and alert accordingly. Finally, Cassandra draws health projection curves of each part under scrutiny.

Author(s): Ludovic A. Krundel 

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