Local entrepreneurs’ involvement in strategy building for waste valorisation within an agro-food technological district: a SWOT-SOR approach

The contribution focuses on agro-food waste valorization conceived as a long-term, complex socio-technical process involving several different actors belonging to multiple levels. Although this process is typically affected by a series of uncertainties, the convergence of stakeholders’ expectations proves to be a mean to overcome barriers as it acts as the foundation of a shared agenda setting which formalizes the coordination efforts among the actors involved in an innovation process. Applying the strategic niche management (SNM) framework to the case of the Apulia Agro-Food Technology District (DARe), whose mission is to promote a bio-based industry for food-waste valorization, the paper proposes an operational tool capable of designing the strategy based on the entrepreneurs’ knowledge. The DARe aims to promote the technological innovation of agro-food firms located in the South of Italy. The results of a SWOT-SOR analysis led to the establishment of a twofold strategy aimed at (a) promoting the innovation of more active and dynamic firms and (a) reducing the gap between “pioneer” and “laggard” firms, with the result of promoting integrated innovation throughout the entire district.

Author(s): Maurizio Prosperi

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