Integrative & Holistic Therapies Relevance for Critical Health Care

It is clear that the role of Alternative medicine in meeting
the health needs of populations has come to the fore,
and this paper highlights to harness its potential to contribute
through primary health care. Most of the Patients
of general health issues and critical illness approach for
Integrative & Holistic Therapies (IHT) at the later stage
of their health issues or critical health situations. And it
is a great challenge for the Alternative medicine experts
to take care of them and their families which are also involved
with taking care of the patients and under mental
IHT is a type of Complementary & Alternative Therapies
(CAT) that unites Sujok (Balancing of Body energy
through Magnets), Naturopathy, Food Therapy, Music
Therapy, Acupressure, Colour Therapy etc to address
the holistic health of the Person / Patient. IHT used to
manage side effects that come with medicinal treatment
can include the balancing of inner energy level like Heat,
Moisture and coldness or in Ayurveda called as Vata,
Kafa & Pitta Dosh.

Author(s): Namrata Gautam

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