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Innovation in nursing

Nowadays, especially after Covid 19 and its impact on our communities, the importance of scientific knowledge has been increasing and health-care applications are changing. The increasingly aging population, chronic treatment of acute illness and the perspective on the quality of the patient's care is forcing us to come up with new innovation ideas and solutions. The concept of innovation in the health sector and in particular for nursing, new approaches, technologies and ways of working is described as a process of development and sustainability of our healthcare. The planning of nursing practice, submission and evaluation of the use of innovative strategies are among the key factors that directly affect the quality of the service. Based on all of these reasons and in the light of the literature, this compilation is prepared to offer information of innovation in nursing practice. I will be focusing on: ï?? To maintain the quality of care or to improve the quality of care ï?? To find innovative ways to care & cure that the individual can relate to and follow. Keywords: innovation, nursing practice,

Author(s):  Loendi Westhuizen

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