Infectious disease: A prophylactic approach through unani medicine

Unani system of medicine is a comprehensive medical system, which precisely deals with the various states of health and disease. It provides promotive, preventive, curative and rehabilitative healthcare. The fundamentals, diagnosis and treatment modalities of the system are based on scientific principles and holistic concepts of health and healing. Apart from treating disease conditions, Unani Medicine lays great emphasis on the prevention of diseases and promotion of existing health through principles of six essential factors (Asbab-e-SittaZarooriya) of life. It lays great emphasis on the maintenance of a proper ecological balance and on keeping air, water and food free from all possible pollution and pathogens. An eminent Unani physician Galen (129-200 CE) postulated that certain diseases caused by pollutants tend to be carried by wind and hence, do disseminate faster; these enter human body through respiratory route. As per Unani classical wisdom, improving immunity with immune boosters is one of the key approaches for prevention of disease and maintenance of health. Unani scholars have prescribed several single drugs as well as compound formulations for the prevention and treatment of infectious diseases in general. Uses of Tiryaqs(antidotes)during epidemics strengthens the heart and keeps the body faculties strong. Single and compound Unani drugs mentioned here under, may prove to be beneficial and can be used for possible immune-boosting/ symptomatic relief in upper respiratory tract infections. Therefore, a strategy to enhance immunity and provide symptomatic relief in upper respiratory tract infection is advocated in this study report as a Prophylactic for Infectious Disease.

Author(s): Fathima Sapra

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