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Increasing nursing capacity in genomics: Overview of existing global genomics resources

Global genomic literacy of all health professions, including
nurses, remains low despite an inundation
of genomic information with established clinical and
analytic validity and clinical utility. Genomic literacy
and competency deficits contribute to lost opportunities
to take advantage of the benefits that genomic
information provides to improve health outcomes,
reduce healthcare costs, and increase patient quality
and safety. Nurses are essential to the integration of
genomics into healthcare. The greatest challenges to
realizing their potential in successful integration include
education and awareness. Identification of resources,
their focus, whether they targeted at nursing,
and how to access them, form the foundation for
a global genomic resource initiative led by the Global
Genomics NursingAlliance.
NursingGenetics, GenomicsCompetency, EducationGenomic
The aim was to identify existing global genomic resources
and competencies, identifying the source,
type and accessibility.
Cross sectional online descriptive survey to ascertain
existing genomic resources.
Limited to eighteen countries and seven organizations
represented by delegates attending the inaugural

Author(s): Kathleen A. Calzone, Maggie Kirk, Caroline Benjamin, Anna Middleton

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