Immunotherapy Drugs Work Like Vaccines: The Genetics Scope of Antibodies and Each Individual is Opportunistic in Finding and Destroying Tumors.

Abstract: PROVENGE (by Dendreon) is the first drug of the immunotherapy group approved by FDA in 2010 for Prostate Cancer Treatment. This drug is made from the patient’s own immune cells, which are collected a few days before each scheduled infusion. Another experience: during the Ebola virus was outbreak in 2016, the antibodies were extracted from a patient that recovered by chance from this disease. The immunotherapy method is still new, but is gaining the established status. Antibodies are proteins, and proteins are encoded by genes. The genetic makeup of this antibody is unique for a drug as well as for synthesis purpose. The DNA of the patient is also considering. No doubt that the genetic makeup is opportunistic: KEYTRUDA (by Merck) is the first drug that was approved by FDA in 2017 based on a tumor’s genetic profile rather than where the cancer originated.

Author(s): Winston Vo

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