IL6 reprograms β2SP+/- deficient stem cells into â??seedâ?? metastatic cancer stem in pre-neoplastic livers

β2SP+/- is one critical element for TGFbeta signaling and the deficiency of this gene has caused primary tumor development in some livers but these tumors are neither invasive nor metastatic. IL6 was found as a primary driver for liver tumors (HCC) through human genetic sequence analysis by our co-authors and others but the specific driver function are not clear. Our group discovered that presence of IL6 transforms β2SP+/- normal liver CD133 positive stem cells into seed metastatic liver cancer stem cells, the underlying mechanism and the treatment strategy will be discussed in this talk.

Author(s): Shulin Li, Abhisek Mitra, Jun Yan, Xueqing Xia and Lopa Mishra

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