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Hypoglycemic Effect of Selected Plant Species in Diabetic Patients

In the present project it was attempted to see the hypoglycemic effect of certain plant species in diabetic subjects. The subjects were fed with Neelkanthi (Ajuga bracteosa) and Plakhar (Ficus lacor) leaves alone and in combination with oats, soybean flour, amla powder and tomato juice for a span of 3 weeks. The sugar level was investigated and it was observed when Neelkanthi fed alone there was a 22.70 and 31.14 percent decrease in fasting and postprandial blood sugar. Plakhar was also noticed for its hypoglycemic effect but was found less effective in comparison of Neelkanthi as the per cent decrease was found as 3.41 and 19.47 in both the cases whereas, all the combinations were found most satisfactory. The neelkanthi and plakhar with oats were more hypoglycemic. The finding of this investigation indicates that the usage of these plant leaves resulted in a better decreased blood sugar level in both the cases.

Author(s): Sangita Sood and Sakshi

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