Human Energetic Light System

On the basis of the latest biophysical ideas, the mechanisms
of light influence on biological structures at the
molecular, organ and information levels will be discussed,
which allows explaining the practical effects of light applications
in a wide spectral range in medical practice for
therapy and diagnostics. Particular emphasis is placed on
the use of laser radiation. Among the various methods
of diagnostics using light, we will focus on the method
of Electrophotonic Imaging (EPI) (known as well as Gas
Discharge Visualization - GDV), developed in Russia in
mid-90th. The EPI technique has found a wide range of
applications: first of all, in medical practice, both conventional
and complementary; in analyzing sports activity,
and in studying the energy properties of liquids. More
than 2000 professionals are using EPI instruments in
65 countries. Meta-analysis of more than 100 published
papers demonstrated that the EPI/GDV method is a
convenient and easy-to-use, which allows examination of
patients with various pathologies, the method delivers
valuable information on the functional state of patients,
allowing their state to be monitored, and constitutes a
convenient and easy method for conducting preventive
examinations of individuals and control of psychophysiological
state of people in various areas of application.
Special attention will be made to the study of Human
Consciousness and its effects to our everyday reality.

Author(s): Konstantin KG

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