Histopathological Upgrading using Mycobacterium indicus pranii (MIP) Vaccine as an Immunotherapeutic with Standard Chemotherapy in Borderline Leprosy: A Double Blind Randomized Placebo Control Trial

Immunotherapy with BCG, BCG+ M. leprae, ICRC, MIP has been observed to be effective in improving the treatment in leprosy. Histopathological upgrading using MIP vaccine has been reported in cases with the high bacillary load. However, very little information is available in borderline leprosy which is characterized by a state of shifting immunity and would, therefore, be ideally suited to such observations. This study is originated from the involvement of our Institute in trials aimed at improving the therapy of leprosy by using combined immunotherapy and chemotherapy.

Author(s): Raj Kamal, Mohan Natrajan, Vinay K Pathak and Alpana Kumari

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