Healthcare Innovations through games

I’m a nurse, entrepreneur and gamer. I’ll take the audience through the story of how a nurse that ends up working for one of the biggest video games companies in the world, Blizzard Entertainment, decides to unite her hobby, video games with her passion, caring. I like to start with a game to break the ice, followed by the 3 lessons on how I create systems that turn stress into challenge, with a social factor (relatedness) and making sure the efforts are rewarded. In healthcare we constantly ask people to do thing (eat well, go for long walks…) and stop doing things (adding salt, smoking…) and we’ve been doing it for many years the same way, but it’s not very effective and we know it. Through my talk, I encourage nurses to see what they can do differently, and evaluate it with other tools to see how effective the intervention can be. With this 3 simple steps to keep in mind, we can design better systems for education and prevention in health. We’ll finish with a Q&A, if possible I like to use SLI.DO to do that so people can ask their questions when they have them, rather than in the end.
This talk is based on my TEDx Barcelona talk, you can take a look at it here: https://youtu.be/Wra6U5xEWsg

Author(s): Anna Sort

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