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Gintonin structure, a novel G protein-coupled lysophosphatidic acid (LPA) receptor ligand. increased cognition in volunteer human subjects

Gintonin is a novel G protein-coupled lysophosphatidic acid (LPA) receptor ligand. It is a new Extract from the natural plants. Ginseng had been used one of the favorable functional food, and several investigations on Panax ginseng has proven to increase performance of human cognitive functions. Structure of ginsenosides have been known to be the most important component, of which functions are enhanced usually by heat treatment. On the contrary, we attempted to explore the gintonin component-an alcohol extracts without ginsenosides to assess the effect as previously reported. The tolerability and potential efficacy in 80 volunteer subjects without dementia but complained of cognitively impairment. Every participant was instructed to take gintonin 300 mg/d (1: 1 placebo controlled double blind) for 8 weeks in human subjects were safe. Dynamic Contrast Enhanced (DCE)-MRIs were taken to assess the parameters, Ktrans and Vp, the indicator of blood brain barrier (BBB) trafficking to check the any modulation of these structure. Daily consumption of gintonin were well tolerated by subjects without any adverse events. Serial improvement of error correction speeds (by Stroop test) were noted. In conclusion, gintonin, a new ginseng-derived structure is not only has the known effect for ginsenosides but can be a potential functional food for cognitive

Author(s): Manho Kim

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