Gait Neurorehabilitation: Algorithms for gait recovery in Neurological and Neurosurgical clinical practice

Neurorehabilitation (NR) is an interdisciplinary thematic field between neurology, neurosurgery, physical and rehabilitation medicine. According the World Disability Report: Rehabilitation is a functional therapy, based on a detailed functional assessment. In everyday clinical practice of neurological and neurosurgical departments, we can observe patients with somato-sensory and motor dysfunctions and deficits, cognitive difficulties; speech problems; altered autonomy in activities of everyday life. Our patients suffer from problems in: motor planning, motor learning ability, voluntary movements, neuro-muscular coordination, functional ability; postural adaptation; strength and endurance; in some cases – in visual-perceptual performance and emotional adjustment. Gait is an important element of the everyday functionality of NR-patients, and is crucial for their independence in activities of daily living, respectively for their autonomy. Mobility is vital for the quality of life of everyone.

Author(s): Ivet B. Koleva, Borislav R. Yoshinov and Radoslav R. Yoshinov

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