Future of Electric Vehicle Batteries Recycling Technologies

With the pressing climate crisis, depeltion of raw materials for battery manufcaturing with extremely fast developing global Evs,  the responsibility on the society is increasing to develop environemntally friendly EV battery recycling technologies and  manage  the huge piles of spent EV batteries  that have reached  the end of their useful life in a way to avoid the anticipated environmental hazards. The Lithium ion batterries are the most widely used in EVs globally and are in hazardous classification and  hence the need to address the problem  urgently. The importance of design of EV batteries with future  recycling need at the EOL of batteries is presented in detail. The important  issues leading to the challenges and opportunities in future that are to be addressed in current EV battery recycling technologies involving pyrometallurgy and  hydrometallurgy while developing future recycling processes is discussed.. The development of future EV battery recycling technhologies are mostly dependent on the current efforts of various startups and  renowned laboratory groups globally making targeted efforts to achieve the objectives. The present status of  developmets and plans for future by various global groups and  startups including Redwood Materials, Li Cycle, ReCell Center, Aceleron are presented. The global efforts of various countries with circular ecocnomy focus,  thier  road maps and the needed environmental polices for developing efficient future  EV battery recycling systems and  technologes is also briefly reviewed. Finally the future issues that are likely to be addressed in the recycling of solid state EV batteries which are being developed globally is also presented.

Author(s): P. Siva Prasad

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