Firefighters and Medical Professionals in Fire Investigation

Describing firefighters without using the word “hero” would be tough [1]. After all, their ultimate goal is to prevent or relieve human suffering and loss. They regularly put their own lives on the line to save other lives and protect property. Much of their work is physically exhausting, mentally demanding, and highly dangerous. When a fire or other emergency strikes, they are on the scene battling flames, smoke, collapsing walls, chemical explosions, and numerous other threats. Unlike civilians, they can’t evacuate the premises. They are working hard until the crisis has passed. Behind every heroic moment, of course, are countless hours of preparation. Career firefighters are highly trained professionals. Their services are essential to every community and every stretch of land across the country. The job of a firefighter is extremely difficult and dangerous, and is often done in uncontrolled working conditions. Being a firefighter is an honorable and demanding job both in terms of professional training and the necessary health and psychophysical readiness of the person who performs it. Risk assessment identifies and assesses all potential hazards, damages, and efforts that may harm firefighters in the performance of their work tasks and finds the best available solutions to prevent adverse consequences for the health and safety of firefighters. Firefighters rescue people, animals and protect property endangered by fire, flood, earthquakes and other disasters, and also act in various technical interventions, such as traffic accidents, drowning, rescuing people and animals from heights and depths, etc. In order for this protection to be as effectively as possible, professional fire brigades are organized with professionally trained firefighters, who have organized a permanent duty and are ready to help at any time. Given all of the above, and given the terrible fires that have been happening around the world lately, firefighters can be said to be the true heroes of the modern age.

Author(s): Sinisa Franjic

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