Financial Aspects and Accessibility and Convenience: New Mothers with Substance Use Disorders Satisfaction with Health Care Affordability and Accessibility

Financial aspects and accessibility and convenience are two very important contributors to patients’ overall satisfaction levels. While extant research has investigated patient satisfaction in new mothers with substance use disorders (SUDs) from a social interactive perspective, more research is needed to examine their opinions of health care affordability and accessibility and how these components impact their treatment engagement and compliance with pre- and postnatal care. This study explored 106 new mothers with and without SUDs’ responses to the Patient Satisfaction Questionnaire Short-Form (PSQ-18) to determine if differences existed between the two groups’ ratings in the financial aspects and accessibility and convenience patient satisfaction dimensions. Descriptive and inferential statistics indicated that new mothers with SUDs reported overall lower levels of patient satisfaction than their non-substance using peers in both dimensions studied. Findings also demonstrated that new mothers with SUDs reported higher levels of satisfaction with financial aspects than they did with accessibility and convenience. Based on the results of the one-way Analysis of Variance (ANOVA), patient satisfaction levels in both the financial aspects and accessibility and convenience dimensions were not significantly different across the age groups or counties of residence of the new mothers.

Author(s): Veronica L Ford

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