Factors Influencing Job Turnover in Physical Therapy

Background: The need, demand and importance of physiotherapist are increasing gradually as their role is in every aspect of life. Job turnover is an issue which every health organization is facing. Job turn have negative impact on health organization as it decreases the trained, experienced professionals which decreases the efficiency of health services, increases the turnover cost. Very fewer studies are performed about the factors on job turnover in physical therapy and these factor are varying on different geographic so it is important to identify these factors to decrease the job turnover, improve retention of physiotherapist and provide better quality of services.

Objective: This study aimed to find out the factors that influence job turnover in physical therapy.

Methods: Study was conducted among Physiotherapists. Sampling was convenient. Data was collected by means of a pre design questionnaire, after conducting a pilot study. The data analysis was done by using Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) 21 version.

Results: Questionnaires of 1213 participants were completed and returned back for analysis (response rate of 100%). 869 physiotherapists consider that insufficient salary to meet financial needs cause of leaving the job as it shows highest percentage as compare to other factors while 414 physiotherapists consider that unsatisfactory interaction with supervisors in physical therapy department is the least factor which can cause job turnover.

Conclusion: Our findings indicate that majority of physical therapist regards that the lack of sufficient remuneration, lack of promotions and insufficient fringe benefits are the most leading contributing factor which ultimately cause job turnover. Awareness of these factors will help to deal with turnover so that we can improve physiotherapist retention.

Author(s): Shamsa Rattani*, Kanwal Lalwani and Muhammad Hussain Nagori

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