Environmental management / waste, indescribable asset in the fight against global warming, the fight against hunger, job creation and the promotion of hygiene and public sanitation in developing countries.

The environment is the environment in which the individual and / or the group evolve, this environment including the air, the water, the soil, their interfaces, the natural resources, the fauna, the flora, the microbes and the beings ecosystems and the biosphere. Many recent events have highlighted various issues affecting the planet and caused the degradation of the environment (Global Warming).According to WHO (1952), "Sanitation is the set of activities aimed at the improvement of all conditions, which in the physical environment of life influence or are capable of adversely affecting development, health, longevity and physical, mental and social well-being. Global warming, pollution of water, air and soil, hunger, poverty, insalubrity and various epidemics are the result of poor environmental management / waste in developing countries of development. Indeed, this is an approach of awakening of consciousness and work of the one and the other on the hygienic, rational, efficient and economic management of the Environment / waste which constitutes the first natural and renewable wealth for all the countries of the planet earth; that only the industrialized countries have been able to capitalize so far.
Jeancy Kisansi Nsiala has completed her undergraduate degree and graduated 25 years at the Higher Institute of Medical Techniques of Kinshasa / ISTM, Community Health (Hygiene and Environmental Sanitation), Kinshasa / DRC. I am technical director of hygiene and sanitation of Delta Traiding Consulting, I hold a patent of the International Red Cross and Volunteer of the United Nations in the DRC. I am a community leader, member of the Yali network of the
American government and acting president of the Association Peoples and Villages of Congo / APEVICO

Author(s): Jeancy Kisansi Nsiala Institute of Medical Techniques of Kinshasa / ISTM Community Health (Hygiene and Environmental Sanitation), Kinshasa / DRC,Congo

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