Enhancing Reuse and Recycle Process for Solid Waste Management in attempting the Circular Economy in the community Recycling Summit

Sayang which is part of Sumedang district is a rapidly developing area since 1990 it’s rapidly developed when several State Universities were built in the area. This was followed by the growth of apartments, boarding houses, restaurants, and other public facilities to support student life and education in the area. Unfortunately, the rapid development of the area, waste management has been neglected, although waste management is one of the key factors in the urban planning system, at the same time, this is one of the major problems faced in Sayang. This study was conducted to evaluate the current waste management and will be discussed from the collecting and sorting system at the source, a transportation system that supports and final management of the wastes.

Knowing and finding the potential of each type of categories of solid waste that could be recycled and reuse will give value to the waste as we can develop an economic activity to increase the income in the community also it reduces the amount of solid waste that goes into landfill. Moreover, waste management is a possible way to play and be a part of the transition towards a circular economy. By implementing the circular economy concept in the system as a basis to develop waste management by involving the community in the process. As the circular economy can be an important aspect of sustainability, this study will give a contribution to fulfilling sustainable development goals.

Author(s): Addina

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