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Healthcare delivery is undergoing a major change and is in the midst of a rising tide of allegations and litigations. This seeming crisis is the result of many factors one of which is the perception among the clientele that the providers of healthcare are not empathetic to the needs of the recipient any more. Into this setting of trust deficit is the space for imbibing emotional intelligence among the healthcare workers and the health administrators for a restoration of recipient confidence and an actual improvement of the healthcare .

    Emotional Intelligence is defined as a type of social intelligence that involves ability to monitor one’s own and other’s emotions, to discriminate among them and to use the information to guide one’s thinking and actions


Self Awareness : Being aware of one’s own emotions.

Self Management : Being able to control, adapt , achieve orientation of and develop positivity in emotional content of oneself.

Social Awareness : Being able to project empathy and affiliation for the organizational setting, outward.

Relationship Management : Being able to coach, influence, mentor, resolve conflicts between, inculcate teamwork among and provide inspirational leadership to other organizational members or people around.


The Endeavour of the abstract would be to show avenues how emotional intelligence can be an


intervention into the Interaction Triad of Healthcare.


Tarapranav having qualified as microbiologist from University of Mumbai completed Bachelor's degree in Medicine & Surgery from the prestigious Armed Forces Medical College, Pune. Having contributed to health services for over ten yrs, he now pursues MD Hospital Administration from the premiere institute. He has undertaken a dissertation on Job Satisfaction of Nurses and Nursing Assistants in a Tertiary Care Teaching Hospital in Pune aiming to suggest managerial solutions to various staff issues of the healthcare industry.

Author(s): Tarapranav Bhattacharya

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