Effect of Foot Massage on Decreasing Blood Pressure and Anxiety in Older People with Hypertension in Indonesia

Globally, the prevalence of hypertension, especially in older people, is relatively high and increasing annually. In addition to hypertension, many older people also experience anxiety. Interventions are needed to reduce blood pressure and overcome anxiety, one of which is foot massage. To determine the effect of foot massage on reducing blood pressure and anxiety in older people with hypertension. This study was a one-group pre-test–post-test design with a time-series design for measuring blood pressure and assessing the degree of anxiety after foot massage intervention for 12 sessions. Thirty older people with hypertension and anxiety participated in this study. A significant decrease in anxiety was observed after the 6th and 12th sessions of foot massage intervention (P < 0.05). A significant decrease was observed in systolic blood pressure after the 12th intervention compared to baseline and 8th intervention (P < 0.05). Foot massage intervention is effective in reducing blood pressure and anxiety in older people with hypertension

Author(s): Nursanti Anwar

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