Editorial note on 2nd Pathology and Infectious Disease Conference

We had a huge success with the completion of 2nd Pathology and Infectious Disease Conference on December 14, 2020. The significance of the meeting was achieved due to the accumulation of all the related group of spectators of research scientists to share their Knowledge, Research work, Technologies, and furthermore trade of worldwide information towards the correct crowd at ideal time. Congress has received a generous response from all over the world. This has been organized with the aim of endorsing the development of new perceptions and ideas for investigating the high level of knowledge reached by scientific community in the field of Pharmaceutical Sciences.

The conference was organized around the theme “Foreseeing the future in Infectious diseases”. The congress entrenched a firm relation of future strategies in the field of Healthcare medicine.

We would like to thank accepted abstracts:

  • Pia Marino Tinajero, MD, MSc, Mexican Society of Public Health, Mexico
  • Ade Yosdi Putra, Faculty of Medicine Andalas University, Indonesia
  • Muhammad Usman, Former Director General of Agricultural Research System, Pakistan
  • Rupali Munde, Professor, MIMER Medical College, India
  • Smokovski Aleksandar, Medical Faculty, Republic of North Macedonia

We would like to thank each and every participant of Pathology Meet 2020 webinar to make this a huge success. And special thanks to media partners for the promotion of our event.

The Conference Series Pharmaceutical Conferences aim to bring together the prominent researchers academic scientists, and research scholars to exchange and share their experiences on all aspects of Pharmaceutics. It is conjointly a knowledge domain platform for researchers, practitioners and educators to gift and discuss the foremost recent advances, trends, and issues in addition as sensible challenges and solutions adopted in the fields of Bio pharmaceutics.

We are also glad to announce our upcoming conference “3rd Pathology and Infectious Disease Conference, 2021

The topics to be discussed are Infectious Diseases Pathology, Cytopathology, Histopathology & Immunopathology, Pediatric & Childhood Infectious Diseases, Neuropathology & Psychopathology, Vaccine and Vaccination for Infectious Diseases, Global Trends in Emerging Infectious Diseases-Antibiotics

Author(s): Maria J. Miguez-Burbano

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