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Drugs Affect the Brain and Nervous System Through Experiments and Clinical Trials

Neuropharmacology is that the study of how drugs affectcellular function within the system, and therefore the neuralmechanisms through which they influence behavior. Molecularneuropharmacology involves the study of neurons and theirneurochemical interactions, with the general goal of developingdrugs that have beneficialeffects on neurological function. Bothof those fields are closely connected, since both are concernedwith the interactions of neurotransmitters,neuropeptides,neurohormones, neuromodulators, enzymes, secondmessengers, co-transporters, ion channels, and receptorproteins within the central and peripheral nervous systems.Studying these interactions, researchers are developing drugs totreat many alternative neurological disorders, including pain,neurodegenerative diseases like brain disease and Alzheimer's,psychological disorders, addiction, and lots of others.

Author(s): Alain Stevenin

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