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Design of Ni-oxide Nanocomposites Containing 13-Retinoic Acid and Cholecalciferol Compounds and their Cytotoxicity on CP70 and Mice

Ovarian cancer is the most common cause of female death due to genital cancers and five causes of cancer death in women. The results of this study show that NiO nanoparticles can be prepared with homogeneity and suitable size for different applications. The study also shows the ability of NiO nanoparticles to supply D3 and A vitamins. Samples were also evaluated by XRD and FTIR techniques. NiO nanostructured crystals, nickel oxide bound to vitamin D (total calciferol) and NiO, bound to vitamin A (retinoic acid) were estimated by the Debye-Sherrer ratio of 13, 98 and 170 nm. Then, CP70 ovarian cancer cells In 5% CO2 and 37°C, cells were cultured with nickel oxide nanoparticles, vitamins A and prepared at different concentrations, as well as nanoparticles containing these vitamins at different levels of 24, 48, 72 and 96 hours were affected. According to the results of MTT, 10 and 25% vitamins treatments were single or attached to NiO nanoparticles at treatment time of 72 and 96 hours (p<0.001). Finally, induction of cancer in mice was done by injection of CP70 and after 4 weeks the mice were prepared. Treatment of mice by NiO treatment groups attached to vitamin A, NiO bound to vitamin D, vitamin A alone, and vitamin D was performed. Meanwhile, two control groups: negative (healthy and untreated) and positive (non-treated) mice were tested. The diseased and healthy tissues of the rats were determined by describing the results and analyzing the chromosomal chromosome-eosin staining. The results of the present study indicate that the interaction groups of nickel oxide nanoparticles containing vitamins A and D can produce significant cellular effects on blood cells and cause significant growth in these cells. The bioavailability of vitamins A and D can be effective in the treatment of ovarian cancer.

Author(s): Soheila Zare

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